Education for Predictable, In-Control Investing

Investing in trust deeds in American real estate markets might be the best, yet least known about, investments available today. This site is a service, in that we want to help guide the conversation between seasoned TDI veterans and those new to the idea. This is to be a safe place with facts about risks and rewards, so we will be diligent in protecting the investor in every way possible. We've seen TDI benefit families and individuals for over a decade, and strongly believe that, when made wisely, investing in Trust Deeds can be a very fruitful choice. So we welcome you here, and hope that you find answers to all of your investing questions. If you don't, we encourage you to email us to let us know how we can help you. Click here to learn more.

Four Benefits of Trust Deed Investing

  1. Income with Real Estate Stability.   Investing in First Trust Deeds provideds cash flow with yields starting at 7% and higher for 3 to 20 years. The income is typically monthly cash flow and IF the payments stop, the Investor recovers his capital investment be foreclosing on the underlying valuable real estate.

  2. High Returns.  First Trust Deeds pay from 7% simple interest.  Some even pay much more.  This is possible due to Artbitrage and Illiquidity--the market for borrowers is very small, and this means investors can find high returns once they learn where to find the quality first trust deeds with high yields.

  3. Simple Main Street Investment.  Old fashioned banking is a secure business.  Investing in First Trust Deeds is similar.  Investors can find First Trust deeds in their own region, town and county that enjoy stable income and high returns.

  4. Non volatile Investment.   First Trust Deeds are a local investment that is Wall Street Free!  Unlike the ups and downs of many investments, First Trust deeds are secure and stable.  The cash flow from them is not volatile and if the payments stop, the Investor gets back the valuable real estate that secures the First Trust Deed.