About Trust Deed Investing

Mission Statement

To give investors control with simple 1st Trust Deed income.  

Behind TDI is a family of 1st trust deed investors, entrepreneurs and business owners committed to providing investors with control through simple 1st Trust Deed income.  Over the past 23 years, we have helped hundreds of investors take control of their financial future and create lasting financial legacies using 1st Trust Deed investments. 

While many investors have experienced volatile investment performance over the past 4 years, our investors in 1stTrust Deeds have both preserved principal and earned predictable current income.  We decided it was time to spread the news about this exceptional asset class that has historically outperformed in challenging markets.

Through this site, our goal is to educate, equip and empower you to use 1st Trust Deed investments to lower risk, earn above market returns and achieve your investment goals.

Why did we create this site?

We wanted to share the wealth of knowledge and resources we have attained throughout the years on the great benefits of traditional investing through free downloads, blogs, videos and the ability to contact our team to answer any other questions you may have on trust deed investing.