How to sell houses, when houses aren't selling!

Real Estate buyers and sellers need more options for financing that either cash or a new loan from a Bank or Mortgage company. Owner financing, also called seller financing is the 3rd way people buy real estate. 

Sellers of homes and real estate in general have more difficulty in 2011 finding buyers with either cash in hand OR  a new loan from a bank or mortgage company.  The problem with less cash (either savings or a new loan) is that it creates only one other option for many motivated sellers and lowers the realty's price.

The dropping realty values trend is bad for many reasons, especially a deflationary attitude that removes wealth from all parties. 

What is a solution? Since information is power, it's summed up in 2 words...Seller financing! This is when the buyer either can't or won't get all cash via savings or a new loan to give to a seller in exchange for the deed and ownership of the house or realty. In some regions it's named a land contract, a mortgage or called owner financing.

There are primarily 3 ways buyers can own realty- savings, a new loan or seller financing. By using the latter, it will help greatly in many markets nationwide and above all, assist sellers when their houses are not selling! 

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