Rising home sales!

Wall Street Journal article Thursday June 28, 2012 states, "Rising Homes Sales Support Case for Housing Recovery"!

As 1st Trust Deed investors, this means it is the perfect time to grow your legacy by aggressively funding quality private loans.


After 23 years in this business and paying over $100,000,000.00 in interest returns to investors, i have found these TWO risks as the greatest to watch for when investing into Private Loans

1-- default which loses your principal invested

2--competition which means you overpay for investments

How do you solve them?

First, have abundant equity above your funded loan amount relative to the market value of the real estate behind your 1st Trust Deed. Per WSJ, when realty is stable to rising, your RISK IS AT THE LOWEST possible.   For example, fund a 60K note against a 100K property.  When the property goes up and your note pays down, your equity increases  meaning your risk drops.  NOW is the time to enjoy this new reality compared to the past 5 years when prices were dropping.

Second, do you like to shop when the market has a sale?  If so, NOW is the time.


With so many investors still in cash and afraid after losses the past few years, there are fewer investors so you get BETTER DEALS.  Less demand means you are buying the best loans at the lowest prices.   In some cases, myself and others are stealing great loans since there are few investors for quality First Trust Deeds.

What are you waiting for to invest?

Contact us today to speak to experienced professionals who want you to enjoy high, secure returns from single and pooled Note Investing.

The time has never been better.

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