It's over!

"U.S. Housing Bust is Over", Says an article today, July 11, 2012 in the Wall Street Journal.

You can check it out on your computer by entering the exact article title.

After Paying $100MM to investors over 23 years, I can state today more confidently than ever that IT'S TIME TO INVEST IN FIRST TRUST DEEDS AND MORTGAGE NOTES!


1--Simple supply and demand means there are fewer investors buying private loans.  This means you enjoy better yields and lower prices than in the future when more competitors arise.

2--The Silver Bullet to lower risk when investing has now improved.  The more equity (between private loan balance and realty market value), the better.  Housing is now stopping it's dramatic slide and is increasing is markets that also decrease risk of default.

Remember how you feel when you see your favorite "thing" on sale?

That's what is happening now with private loans.  They are "on sale" and it's time.

Bottom line?  Back up the truck and buy quality first loans.  Whether single or pooled, they are the BEST long term investment since instead of predicting anything, they just pay you SEVEN PERCENT OR MORE EVERY MONTH with real estate security.

The U.S. Housing Bust is over.

Until Next  Time,
Tobias J Preston, President.

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