The time is now!

Warren Buffet defines investing as "Putting out money today for more money tomorrow".

With most investments that offer a projected real return, (that's above taxes and inflation so figure a minimum target of about 6.5% yield) it is very difficult to accomplish in this current economic climate.

One of the largest investment "companies", CALPERS with BILLIONS and the best advisors recently returned ONLY 1% for the past 12 months (WSJ article July 2012).

(NOTE CALPERS target is 7.5%)

If the largest and the best only get 1% return, how do you as a small investor expect to enjoy consistent Real Returns?

My suggestion as an expert in First Trust deed investing is to learn about single and pooled loan investments, find a firm or two that is both competent and experienced and start now!

All of us however can earn Real Returns by investing in First Trust Deeds starting at 7% on up.

How can I say this?  My small loans have paid ~$100,000,000.00 to investors with very few losses.

Even Warren Buffet would be impressed and agree that our 1st Private Loan niche follows his rule of investing.

Until next time,

Tobias J Preston

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